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Below you can find two of my most recent philosophy papers in a pdf format. The most recent philosophy class I've taken was a class studying Ethics with Zack Davis. The paper from this course takes a look at the unethical nature of the factory farming industry. In the semester prior I took a course in modern philosophy with Charles Hornbeck. For this class our final paper was to compare and contrast the ideologies of two notable philosophers. I chose to use Renee Descartes and John Locke as the subject for this piece.

Philosophic Writing Examples
Ethics Final Paper
It is known that in order for life to be sustained, organisms must take in nutrients in the form of food and expel waste. For some people food is derived from animals, from either their flesh or milk. The vast majority of people in the United States enjoy eating a wide variety of meats. Numerous species of animals are raised world wide to feed the billions of humans that inhabit the earth. However the over consumption of meat and dairy has lead to the formation of factory farms. This paper will show how the impact that factory farming has on human health, the environment, and livestock makes factory farming an unethical practice.

Read the full paper here (128k PDF) PDF

Modern Philosophy FInal Paper
Much of modern philosophy since the period of the scholastics is indebted to the great minds of Renee Descartes and John Locke. The Cartesian school of thought owes its existence primarily to Descartes, who spent considerable time meditating over the notions of innate ideas and the existence of God. Locke on the other hand felt that Descartes notions were fundamentally flawed to some extent by his use of innate ideas as well as his desire to assume the existence of God. This paper will critically analyze the arguments presented by these two notable philosophers and contrast their positions against each other.

Read the full paper here (96k PDF) PDF

Other Works

As part of a final project for my class on Globalization and Peace Studies, I decided to create a web site dedicated to the Green Revolution. This is a term given to the industrialization of agriculture, and with in this site I attempt to inform people about some of the problems that have arisen as a result of this process. You can look at it here.

The Green Revolution, Facts and Fallacies