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Here are a few of the projects that I've done. I've selected these because they are examples which show my proficiency in that area. My primary focus is on developing solutions for the internet whether as static or dynamic web pages. I also have a solid background in application development in various languages and development environments. I have many more example available by request, so if you'd like to see more of my work please contact me.

Web Design Examples
Kerfed Wood Designs
Texas Holdem'

Class: CS 495-01

Made in Dreamweaver MX

Created: 3/01/2007

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For my Senior Seminar class I developed a eCommerce website for my father to show and sell his scrollsaw art works. The important aspect of this site was to allow him to maintain the site with out knowledge of web programming. This is done via a web based administration system I developed.

A few features of the site are:

  • Developed using PHP, Javascript, CSS
  • Easy to manage web interface to items gallery
  • All data and images stored in MySQL database
  • Allows for file uploading directly to database
Project HERMES - Human Resource Management

Class: CS 440-01

Made in Dreamweaver MX

Created: 4/01/2007

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The goal of the Project Development and Management course was to go through all the stages of the software development life cycle. After producing the ISR, RS, and DS documents which outlined the site features, my partner and I developed a web-based Human Resource Management System.

A few features of the site are:

  • Developed using Javascript, PHP, CSS
  • Menu driven navigation system
  • Data stored in MySQL backend database
  • Login system to prevent unauthorised access
Keene State Service-Learning
Texas Holdem'

Class: CS 498-01

Made in Dreamweaver MX

Created: 5/01/2006

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The Department of Service-Learning at Keene State College and the Computer Science Department to offer an independent study course which I collaborated with 3 other students. Our objective was to work with the Service-Learning faculty and develop a web site from the ground up.

A few features of the site are:

  • Developed using PHP, Javascript, XHTML, CSS
  • A permission based login system
  • Allows administration of MySQL database
  • Bar graphs depicting user survey results
Keene State IT Group CD

IT Fall 2006 CD

Made in Dreamweaver MX

Created: 6/30/2003

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The IT Department at Keene State College approached the Computer Science Department to find a student willing to assist in the design of a web interface that instructs incoming students about what their personal computers would need to have installed on them in order to access the campus network.

A few features of the site are:

  • Developed using Javascript, XHTML, CSS
  • A clean navigation system
  • Directs users through software setup and configuration
  • Distributed on CD with auto-run capabilities
Java Code Examples
C++ Code examples
Texas Holdem'
Texas Holdem'

Class: CS 410-01

IDE: Eclipse 3.1

Created: 10/26/2005

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This program simulates the popular poker card game of Texas Holdem'. The user can play against the computer and will show any winning combinations that the user has in their hand at the end of each round.

This program implements all the skills that I've attained through out the course. All the graphics have been drawn programmatically using arrays of 2D points.

Mega Inventory

Class: CS 185-03

IDE: Visual Studio .NET 2003

Created: 10/30/2003

Download - 8k (.zip)ZIP

This program acts as an inventory management system with the ability to add and remove items from inventory and allows the user to view the quantity of items on hand.

The techniques I've employed include creating text based menus for easier interaction, and have included extensive commenting to allow others to understand the nature of my code.